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Over the years there has been an incorporation of technology into the traditional method of teaching to meet the needs of students. Some students have to work and still further their education to be able to meet the financial demands of our times as well as the demands of their employers. To be able to meet the needs of such students, distance or online learning was created. This form of learning takes place solely on line. It is totally the opposite to the traditional method of learning which takes place at a designated physical location. Hybrid learning is the blend of the two.

Online line or distance learning requires students to be disciplined in keeping up with lessons, activities and homework. (THECB, 2000, p. 8) The dissemination of course materials, discussions, and assignments are conducted on line. This learning environment suits students who may want to further their education but are not staying within the parameters of the Institution they want to attend. It also gives them the flexibility they need to study. They have control over the duration for the completion of their courses. The success of this learning environment depends on creating “an effective learning experience” (Bates & Watson, 2008, p. 1). This may be accomplished by the establishment of “learning communities” (Swan 2002) and “discussion forums for connecting students” (Tham, Werner, 2005).

Face to face learning which is also known as the traditional method of learning takes place solely in the classroom. In this type of learning environment, the instructor is the one that transmits information to the students. He uses “lectures as a motivational tool hoping to transmit the love of the subject matter or at least enough curiosity to inspire the student to continue studying outside of the class. (Bates, Watson, 2008, p. 2).

Hybrid learning is a blend between face to face learning and online learning. In this setting, the classroom is extended to include a web-enhanced environment. Apart from the interaction that takes place in the classroom, the members of the class connect on line through chats and other interactive means. For hybrid learning to be successful instructors need “skills … to successfully integrate technology into their curriculum” (Becker, 1999). This learning helps in situations where there is inadequate spacing to accommodate students taking a particular course.

I have actually come to appreciate the value of the traditional method of teaching and the online learning environment because the traditional method of teaching gave me the foundation to pursue my post graduate course. I believe a hybrid learning environment will give any student the benefits of both learning environment.

With regards to these three learning environments is there one that is not meeting the needs of students and therefore needs to be taken out of the educational sector?


Helpful link, This link shares information about the benefit of using technology in the classroom.


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